Cover Photo for Lydian Collective

I can now officially say that "I've made the cover".  Actually, this is the second album I've shot but the first for a vinyl album.  Lydian Collective's music is not easily to categorise - it does transcend different genres.  Read about it yourself here:



I regularly work with Holland Park School and Thomas Jones Primary School in Kensington to provide ongoing coverage of their events throughout the year.  It's quite amazing to see young people in action, they really are capable of so much.  I've seen incredible acting talent in many of Holland Park School's plays as well as happy, well-adjusted little ones at Thomas Jones.  Both these schools have had to deal with the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, and their caring and dedicated staff are helping all those affected not just now, but for the long term.  I worked with both these schools and also Cardinal Vaughan, one of the best performing schools in the UK, in providing images for their joint teaching alliance project.



An increasing number of enquiries I receive are from business coaches who want to re-brand or kickstart their businesses, and indeed there is no better time to be self-employed than now - I certainly wouldn't change it for anything!  I had the pleasure of working with Adam Tallamy whose approach is very much based on listening and then acting on your emotions.  We spent some time together developing some images for his new website:

Event Photography London

Event photography is one of the mainstays of working as a general practice photographer in London.  Especially for corporate events, I try to make a roomful of business people look exciting and speakers engaging, with a buzzy atmosphere.  Here are a few images from an Elevator Pitch Evening for Amadeus Capital.  

Business Head Shots in London

My latest business portrait was for TV presenter, author, entrepreneur and rock star (!) Mark Chase, who fronted the (somewhat obscure) band, World of Leather.  I really enjoy doing this type of work.  I'm often contacted by small business owners, many of whom run fairly non-traditional companies and are looking for a less corporate feel to their image.  We spent around an hour along the South Bank, where there are so many fab corners and backdrops to shoot against, and having beautiful light that day was a bonus.  A few weeks later I photographed Mark's gig and launch of his novel, Drive-By Shouting (what can this man NOT do??!!), which was attended by his friend, the legend that is Jeff Beck!  Selling YOU is as vital as your business offering, especially in the current Instagram age where visuals are king.  It really does make a difference having a profile picture on your website that shows your personality and style.  If you're interested in a portrait session, please get in touch!

Round Table Meeting Photography

I was asked to document the key players in the construction industry at a round table discussion which took place in Central London.  While there was no shortage of light in the meeting room, it was harsh on one end, meaning pointing the lens directly into the sun that streamed in in order to get a good shot of individuals on one side of the table.  I don't mind a challenge, and in fact, welcome it as it keeps the brain sharp and tests my years of experience. 

London Corporate Event Photographer

In addition to the increasing number of enquiries for business portraits is that of event photography.  This particular event took place at a livery hall near London Bridge, with over 100 guests in attendance.  Professional images of events delivered quickly is essential in this age of social media, and even just an hour of coverage can be beneficial.  Being based in London means I can be available at short notice, and for short coverage.

Business Portraits

I've been doing quite a few business portraits recently and is a demand that's growing, especially with the explosion of start-ups and freelancers.  With an online presence being so key to spreading the word, having professional portraits that's in line with a business' public image is important for gaining trust and and presenting the human side of a company.  Steve Clarke is a bit different in that he's been a motivational and business speaker for years and needed an update to his profile pictures that showed him at his best.  It's great working with people like Steve as they're often comfortable in front of the camera and are open to having a less corporate, and more creative portrait.  I did some posed portraits for Steve during a workshop and also caught him in action (and I think I learned a few things as well!).

Corporate Event Photography

I recently photographed a summer party for a City firm at Coq d'Argent, where I am one of their recommended photographers.  My aim for an event is for it to look exciting, engaging and fun if that's the goal and in this case, it wasn't too hard to show everyone having a good time! 

Head Shots in London

I was back at the London Bridge offices of Bellenden, a dynamic, growing consultancy firm providing services in public affairs and local planning among other areas.  I regularly do head shots for their expanding staff as well as covering events and providing photographs for their website.  The head shots were all done in a small meeting room and it took just a few minutes for each person.

Street Photography in London

I bought a fancy new camera (Fuji X100S) a couple of years ago in the hope that I'd have a suitable camera to stick in my bag to carry AT ALL TIMES, because as someone once said, the best camera is the one you have with you.  For me, this has worked as well as buying expensive new trainers in the hope that I'd slide right into a fitness routine and magically drop a stone overnight. 

I have a lot of expensive trainers.

Here are a couple of frames that I did manage to take one afternoon whilst running errands in town.  I love a great street photograph but they are HARD to do and it takes time and patience, neither of which I possess in great quantity.  Must keep practising!

Well Hello There

Welcome to my brand, spanking new website which I've finally taken into modern times after five years of well, zero updates.  I've been busy, you see....

I hope it gives you a smattering of the type of work I do when not shooting brides or babies.  I'm available for work in and around London.