Business Head Shots in London

My latest business portrait was for TV presenter, author, entrepreneur and rock star (!) Mark Chase, who fronted the (somewhat obscure) band, World of Leather.  I really enjoy doing this type of work.  I'm often contacted by small business owners, many of whom run fairly non-traditional companies and are looking for a less corporate feel to their image.  We spent around an hour along the South Bank, where there are so many fab corners and backdrops to shoot against, and having beautiful light that day was a bonus.  A few weeks later I photographed Mark's gig and launch of his novel, Drive-By Shouting (what can this man NOT do??!!), which was attended by his friend, the legend that is Jeff Beck!  Selling YOU is as vital as your business offering, especially in the current Instagram age where visuals are king.  It really does make a difference having a profile picture on your website that shows your personality and style.  If you're interested in a portrait session, please get in touch!

Business Portraits

I've been doing quite a few business portraits recently and is a demand that's growing, especially with the explosion of start-ups and freelancers.  With an online presence being so key to spreading the word, having professional portraits that's in line with a business' public image is important for gaining trust and and presenting the human side of a company.  Steve Clarke is a bit different in that he's been a motivational and business speaker for years and needed an update to his profile pictures that showed him at his best.  It's great working with people like Steve as they're often comfortable in front of the camera and are open to having a less corporate, and more creative portrait.  I did some posed portraits for Steve during a workshop and also caught him in action (and I think I learned a few things as well!).